Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms of use / legal notice

This website is offered by The Cléroux Group. If you have any comments or questions, please 
contact us online.

1. Accuracy of content

Groupe Cleroux makes every effort to ensure that the content of the website is accurate and
up-to-date, but Cléroux Group offers no guarantee as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of the information. appearing on the website.
Groupe Cléroux may remove the material from the website at its own discretion and without
giving notice. Any information offered about The Cléroux Group is intended to be of a general

2. Intellectual property

You acknowledge and agree that all copyright, registered
trademarks and other intellectual property in the content of the website
(text, images, photos and videos), software, all programming and any other code
contained in this website, will remain at all moment the property of Le Groupe Cléroux.
Users may not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, redistribute, reproduce, edit,
authorize, commercially exploit, create derivative works, transfer, or sell any material
that may be shown on the Website from time to time without the written permission
from Groupe Cléroux
The website and its contents are copyrighted material and the copyright is owned by
The Cléroux Group or their author, as the case may be and with exceptions.
Without prior limitation, copying the above listed material to any other server or place
for publication, reproduction, sale or distribution is expressly prohibited. If you wish to
obtain permission to use trademarks or any other material that may be shown on the
website from time to time contact us. Groupe Cléroux is not responsible for seeking
any additional authorization for the use of any trademark not owned and authorized
by Le Groupe Cléroux for such use.

3. Prohibition on the commercial use of the content of the website

You are allowed to use the material that is shown on the website from time to time only 
when expressly authorized by The Cléroux Group. This website is intended to provide information related to The Cléroux Group and the
website is designed for personal and commercial use. Users may not use this website, or the material on the website from time to time for any
commercial purpose, including (but not limited to) advertising or to promote or reproduce
on any other website. 4. Hyperlinks The Cléroux Group may from time to time include hyperlinks on this website to other
websites or resources activated by parties other than Cléroux Group. These hyperlinks
are provided to help users, The Cléroux Group can not be responsible for the availability
of such websites or external resources, does not approve or accept responsibility for the
content of such websites or external resources and has no responsibility or control over
the privacy policy of operators of external websites. We advise you to check the terms,
conditions of use and privacy policies of these external websites before using these resources.
If you wish to create a hyperlink to this website please contact us. The Cléroux Group 
generally hosts hyperlinks to this website. However, by binding this way, you agree that
Le Groupe Cléroux may require that the hyperlink be removed if, in the sole opinion of
Groupe Cléroux, any aspect of the website referring a hyperlink to this website,
its content or any other material concerning the hyperlink is reprehensible for Groupe Cléroux
5. Limitation of liability The Internet is by its nature an uncertain environment. Accordingly, you agree that this
website is available on an "as is" and "as is" available basis. Groupe Cléroux takes all reasonable measures to ensure that the website functions
properly at all times but Le Groupe Cléroux and Renaissance Création can not guarantee
that this website is uninterrupted, inappropriate, blocked or error free, or that this site internet
or the server that makes it available are free of computer viruses or bugs or other defects. By accepting these terms of use, you agree that Groupe Cléroux can not be held
responsible for any loss or damage you suffer from visiting this website or using the
information available on the website. . You must take your own precautions
(including but not limited to installing proportional safeguards and safeguards against
computer viruses and ensuring that you maintain up-to-date copies of all data) to protect
against loss or damage .